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Cycling cafes - The Book

Cycling cafes - The Book


Cycling cafes is a celebration of the best cycling cafes in the UK. Featuring the stories of 22 cafes, routes to ride and a limited-edition Cycling cafe card to redeem free coffee at selected cafes. First edition of 300 copies only. 

The book is designed as an ode to Cycling cafes. It’s full of stories that focus on the people behind the business, as well 200+ pages of photography for cycling fans to enjoy. The ambition was to reflect the importance of Cycling cafes. They’re often where the love of riding starts, and with regular rides hosted, and the comfort they provide cyclists, it can also be where the passion and sense of community continues to grow. Kitty, author and founder of après sport, spent two years visiting these cafes to deconstruct their appeal and uncover further why they are so ingrained in our cycling psyche.

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