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après product is designed to celebrate and enhance the after sport experience. 

après product is never ‘off the shelf’.

They are designed and developed from scratch and driven by after sport insights and stories. 


Where is your product made?

We aim to find the best suppliers for our current business circumstances - low minimum orders, cash flow restrictions and small amount of storage. We are therefore proud to work with a company based in London who own their global factories and therefore oversee every step of the process. 

"For clothing to be truly considered to be of a premium quality, it is essential that it is handmade. Our skilled technicians cut, stitch and finish your garments by hand, ensuring that the quality of each individual piece is to the highest degree possible before sending it off to the next stage of manufacture. All items undergo a four stage quality control procedure to ensure satisfaction and throughout bulk manufacture all stages are quality checked to ensure the highest standards"


All our printed and marketing materials are done in the UK.

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