The Almond Croissant

The almond croissant is a regular favourite at après Towers. We’re on an exploration to uncover and taste the best - a challenge that has no end, because we never want it to finish.

What the almond croissant lacks in substance compared to other après favourites such as eggs and pizza, it makes up in its delicacy charm. And this unique characteristic, found most predominantly in pastries, is why the almond croissant sits firmly on our après food list.

The hours spent preparing and lovingly baking the almond croissant is reflective of the effort which has brought us to the finish line.

The brown paper bag it’s carefully wrapped in is symbolic to simpler times. A reduction and focus we experience when we are resting after sport.

The hand-held nature of an almond croissant makes it functional to consume with zero distractions.

The flaky pastry is only but a small challenge. One we consider as an excuse and reminder to eat slowly and mindfully.

The crispy outside and soft centre is a delicious ratio that supplies the texture we demand after only eating functional ‘on the move food’ like back pocket sweets, or running gels.

Bakeries are inherently charming because they ooze craft, consideration and skill. They are destinations that encourage good food with good company - a life formula après exists to encourage.

Whether it’s your breakfast meet point, your half way cafe stop or your sit down on the kerb finish line sweet, we hope your next almond croissant is substantial, with a sufficient amount of almond paste and lovingly baked to the perfect level of crisp.

Below are just some of our favourite Almond Croissants in London.

  1. Holy Shot, East London

  2. We Are Pavilion, East London

  3. Pophams, East London

  4. Gentleman's Barista, South London

  5. Comptoir Gourmand, South London

  6. St David's Coffee House, South London

  7. Little Bread Pedler, Various

  8. Miel Bakery, Central London

  9. Bread Ahead, Central London

  10. Arapina, Deptford

Not to scale: