après articles: Hobbies

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The human condition is tough. It’s why every January we reach for New Year Resolutions. Grabbing a slither of hope that the pain we have felt, no matter the individual cause, can finally be reduced from this day forward.

But life doesn’t seem to work like that. Without a doubt we can make intentional choices that fundamentally change the trajectory of our lives. Overcoming addiction, removing ourselves from a relationship, improving our eating habits or changing career. But the catch with living on this planet is no single decision will eradicate all erratic emotions and inevitable lows forever. We don’t have to feel disheartened by this truism. It can set us on a more realistic path paved with self awareness over disappointment. One of calm contentment and acceptance over the illusion of control.

Within this journey, never underestimate the power of hobbies. How we spend our leisure time can provide pockets of joy that make the daily effort and grind that little bit better. This isn’t meant to sound overly melancholic, but a reasonable and honest view of how we can handle low frequency discomfort, not try to eradicate it. These hobbies give us connection, friends and experiences. A bank of good feelings to keep us developing, moving and somewhat sane.

Hobbies should sit on a bedrock of a constantly cultivated attitude. A mindset full of coping techniques and an underlying sense of hope and trust in our abilities. An attitude that when nurtured will result in habits. And your daily habits are quite simply the lens in which you will experience your time here, so choose them wisely.

This formula of hobbies + attitude is the unofficial science behind après. The brand in its literal sense is about ‘after sport’ and bottling up that feeling into product and content. But the wider view and guiding light is taking that insight and transforming it into a way of life. One baked in effort followed by reward, connection and community. An attitude and way of life that doesn't remove the daily work and heartache, but introduces micro moments of joy that don’t allow that stuff to build up for too long. It gives us permission to reset - whether that’s through endorphins, time away from screens or seeing the story in someone else’s eyes that humbly takes us away from ours.

This January, take some time to consider whether your resolutions are in fact your brains attempt in trying to get away from negative thoughts. Instead, consider self development, hobbies and lifestyle choices that support the inevitable low days, not silence them. And of course, consider increasing your après moments shared with good company (when safe to do so). They’re the uplifting fuel we need in our tank to keep us moving in what’s set to be another challenging, proper mad, year.

Hour by hour.

Day by day.

Be kind, grab your walking shoes and flask.

2021, we go again.