My name's Kitty and I'm the founder of après. I'd love to give you the quick version of the story behind the brand. It’ll take two minutes to read but if you’re short on time, you can also find me on insta, filling my tiles with cycling, coffee and coats. 

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"I felt even stronger about the need and want to create a world that shows the benefits of sport, but from a new and progressive perspective."

Design, self development and sport have been the pillars I’ve always viewed the world from.

Instinctive and consistent passions that drove my career choices, friendship groups, values and boxes of sketchbooks.


After years working at adidas and then Rapha, it was these northern stars (as well as a strengthened love for cycling and its community) that led me to building and launching KPP - an alternate lifestyle brand for female cyclists. I never defined specifically what it would offer, instead it was a set of values that found a place in things like jumpers, collaborations, Ridebooks, illustrations and knowledge sharing initiative The Common Room.


After three years of this and endless conversations, observations and learnings, I felt even stronger about the need and want to create a world that shows the benefits of sport, but from a new and progressive perspective. An approach that inspires more people, with women as a priority, to say ‘I want to be involved in that’ and a sporting lifestyle that years ago wouldn’t have been seen, or marketed, as desirable.


This development in thought and experience manifested itself as après sport. A rebrand of KPP which has the same unwavering ambition - make sport more desirable - but with a refined look and improved product. après will define and honour a positive culture that bottles up that indescribable feeling of after sport - the comfort of a sweater, the reward of slides, the connection found from sharing food after a long ride or even the tupperware on a train. Simple living that gives you giddy contentment. We’ll celebrate those feelings and do our best to enhance them.


I’ve been on the journey from complete cycling novice to racer to embracing the adventure of slow rides on new roads with friends. But the one thing that has remained the same is my gratitude and love for the life it offers, the routines and the people it introduces me to. après, and the culture it promotes, will hopefully instigate these experiences for even more people - no matter the sport you choose. 


I’m excited to share the après feeling with you soon - online or otherwise. 



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